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Internship Program 

Our intern program covers key areas to enrich the intern experience:

  • Mentorship: Seasoned professionals guide and support interns, offering industry insights and real-world advice.

  • Career Growth: Assisting interns in identifying strengths, interests, and skill-building aligned with their aspirations.

  • Skill Enhancement: Structured training, workshops, and hands-on experiences enrich their professional skill set.

  • Meaningful Projects: Assigning impactful tasks allows interns to contribute meaningfully to the organization.

  • Networking: Facilitating connections with professionals to expand their professional circles.

  • Evaluation: Formal assessments guide interns and identify potential future talent.

Meet Our Intern

Avianna Amancio

NMSU Graduate Student, Departments of Social Work and Public Health

President, Graduate Student Social Work Association

Avianna is in her final year of New Mexico State University’s dual degree master’s program, pursuing a master’s in public health and social work. In her academic journey and professional experiences, Avianna has found a passion for addressing the needs of marginalized communities, often overlooked by society, which all fuel her professional aspirations. With a profound desire to advocate for those facing adversity, Avianna’s commitment extends to striving for health equity for all, particularly focusing on underserved populations. Her dedication to the cause stems from personal experiences, propelling her to become a voice for those in need.

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