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Indigenous Issues

Indigenous issues extend into environmental and food insecurity concerns throughout the Navajo Nation. Other issues are generational or learned behavior due to colonization, forced sterilization, religious conversion, boarding schools, domestic violence, and alcoholism.

A major factor of Indigenous issues both past and present deal with the colonization and mass extermination of Indigenous peoples in America. This was conducted actively through mass genocide, bounties on local animals, such as the buffalo, forced education through boarding schools, and religious conversion. In secrecy, the government sanctioned the involuntary sterilization of Indigenous women. Through genetics and learned behavior this has lead to domestic violence, alcoholism, and other serious mental, emotional, and physical health problems.


What We Do

  • Our initiative centers on amplifying our voices as drivers of change, advocating for social justice within our Indigenous communities. 

  • We recognize and honor our absent Indigenous brothers and sisters. 

  • We pay tribute to our ancestors and the hallowed Indigenous territories that provide us with nurture and sustenance.

NMSJEI does not own the rights to this video. Courtesy of Bullfrog Films via YouTube.

Ama` (Mother)

"Amá" is a  feature-length documentary that sheds light on a critical yet overlooked chapter in history. The film delves into the atrocities perpetrated against Native American women by the United States Government during the 1960s and 70s. It unveils a narrative of profound abuse, including the removal of these women from their families to attend boarding schools, forced relocation from their ancestral lands, and the harrowing experience of involuntary sterilization. Through powerful storytelling, "Amá" brings to the forefront the untold struggles and injustices faced by Native American women, contributing to a greater understanding of historical traumas and the ongoing fight for justice and recognition.

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