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Get Involved

We are currently accepting volunteers and future interns for the Fall of 2023. 

Email us on your interest of initiatives and learn more on how you can involved by following our social media to stay up to date on future webinars, trainings, and events hosted by NMSJEI! 

Become a sponsor

Sponsorship sends a powerful message of solidarity and commitment to our cause. We value our partnerships and are grateful for your continued support

Become an Intern 

If interested in conducting research on various issues related to food security, social justice, Indigenous issues, and/or  environmental sustainability

become a volunteer 

Assist with outreach efforts to community organizations, advocacy groups, and government agencies to raise awareness about these issues and build support for our initiative.

become a partner

We show gratitude and appreciate our partners, we believe that it has the potential to make a real impact. 

To learn more about how to become a sponsor contact us 

Stay Informed, Take Action! 

Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates, impactful announcements, and enriching educational content. Together, we're shaping a brighter, more informed future. 🌍💡

Our Partners

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Want to become an Intern a Sponsor, a Partner or a Volunteer?
Contact us - We'd love to talk to you!

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