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What We Do

Transforming Systems

New Mexico Social Justice & Equity Institute (NMSJEI) advocates to transforming systems that sustain health disparities resulting from centuries of environmental deterioration by the uranium mining industry, institutional racism directed towards Indigenous communities, and multi-generational trauma.


NMSJEI works to:

  • Engage our community to execute collective action through education and institutional knowledge for working with various public and policy change arenas.

  • Organize and mobilize our cohort of informed and equipped community members to take action and address the issues that will improve their lives.

  • Sponsor training and provide technical assistance on conducting health impact assessments, an assessment tool that provides a set of evidence-based recommendations to inform decision-making.

  • Develop expertise in conducting health impact assessments that seek to maximize the positive health impacts and minimize the negative health impacts of proposed policies, programs, and projects.

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Our Mission

Using a health equity lens, the New Mexico Social Justice & Equity Institute seeks to change systems that perpetuate environmental health disparities related to the impacts of institutional racism and multi-generational trauma, by empowering participating communities within the county to impact equitable policy change.

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Our Vision

We have changed systems that perpetuated environmental and health disparities related to the impacts of institutional racism and multi-generational trauma. We have healthy communities in which the following elements are increasingly evident:  

  • Community Wellness 

  • Cultural Respect 

  • Educational Quality

  • Access to Services 

  • Individual and Family Wellness

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