Our Philosophy and Approach

We strive to advocate, promote and strengthen health equity in communities in order to develop social justice and change. 


We are conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to analyze how uranium mining in McKinley County affected the physical, emotional, economic and spiritual health of communities. 

Food Security

There are only 13 grocery stores throughout the Navajo Nation which expands over 27,000 square miles.Lack of access to drinkable water, electricity and cellular service is a tremendous health barrier to Indigenous communities.

Social Justice

Many minority groups within the Greater McKinley county area and beyond suffer due to the lack of access to healthcare, employment, educational opportunities, and unlawful policies.

Indigenous Issues

Indigenous women are murdered at a higher rate than all other ethnicities. We address MMIW, religious conversion, boarding schools, domestic violence, and other factors which contribute to generational trauma. 

& Training

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Welcoming and Training New Generations

We welcome all ages and encourage our youth to get involved with the Institute. To learn more on how you can get involved and future trainings follow our social media!